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Hayman’s – True English Gin

The True English Gin

What is a True English Gin?

True English Gin is the archetypal gin style upon which the original cocktail scene was first developed. At its best, the style is renowned for its uniquely balanced, nuanced character created through a long two-day distillation process.

You may think you already know English Gin but we urge you to look again. In an era where the majority of gins are produced using industrial processes unrecognizable to early distillers, we believe the True English Gin style is worth championing, preserving and protecting.

The Hayman’s Distilling Process

Unlike any other gins available today, all Hayman’s True English Gins are produced just as they would have been when the family first started distilling over 150 years ago.

They do this not out of a sense of antiquity or duty but because it simply produces a better gin.

The full range of Hayman’s True English Gins are produced using a traditional two-day distillation process – just as they would have been in 1863. This allows the flavor’s to develop and marry before the gentle heat of our small-batch copper pot still is introduced to create a more nuanced, balanced character.

Unlike the growing number of ‘traditionally styled’ gins available today who aim to recreate a lost style, our English Gins are produced following tried and tested family recipes. There is no guesswork involved and no imitation – these are the same styles of Ture English Gin produced by the Hayman family over 150 years ago, distilled in the same manner.

Where other brands have moved to modern production approaches to cut costs and improve efficiency Hayman’s Distillery has chosen to preserve and champion the traditional distillation approaches that are intrinsic to True English Gin.

You can shop the full range of Hayman’s True English Gins here.

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