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Burgers & Beers: Is it that simple?

Is there a more perfect combination than a burger and cold beer? Perhaps no, but how easy is it to make the perfect paring?  We get this question all the time, and I am sure you always wondered as well.

Well the answer is not that simple, it always comes down to the details which will make your pairing perfect. Also this blog post is not a detailed analysis on how you can make the perfect burger- beer pairing. If you are looking for more details I will leave some links you can check out at the end of post (You’re Welcome).

Well, let’s get into it then! So how we usually do it is by starting from either a specific beer/style or a specific dish. Some of the key points to take into consideration are 1) the profile of your chosen beer style 2) the specific taste smell and ingredient of your chosen beer and finally 3) the key ingredients and dominant flavours of your chosen Burger.

Specific Beer Style

We love our IPAs (India Pale Ale), they have a stronger ABV and they can also be quite bitter and hoppy. But don’t be mistaken not every IPA is the same. What can we say for sure is that modern IPAs are powerful in all aspects? Therefore, pairing them with a mild subtle food would be a disaster. You do not want your beer to cover your food taste.

Choose bolder recipes, salty, fried, spicy, exotic flavours are less likely to be overpowered by your IPA.

What about this delicious “Buttermilk Fried Crispy Chicken Burger”. And don’t be afraid to spice up the recipe even more, and let your choice of IPA to balance all the flavours harmoniously.

Specific Beer

Let’s dive into the wonderful world of Lager Beers. Oh how can we choose only one, we have so many favourites. But as they say themselves they have an experience of 150 years, brewing a perfectly balanced beer. Yes, you got it right! we are talking about Staropramen Premium. Soft malty flavours, and a slight bitterness to top it all off, this light lager with complement your Classic Hamburger with Emmental perfectly. This magical pairing will take your mind straight to Prague.

Specific Recipe

Especially now that summer is approaching we love the earthy flavours of a Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger. And to accompany it what better than a Belgian Style White Ale, fruity and mild, dry and mild, Blue Moon is the perfect pair your veggie based burger. To heighten the citrus aroma and taste don’t forget to garnish your perfectly poured Blue Moon with an orange slice!!

After reading our recommendations we know you are a step closer to making the perfect beer – burger pairing. Don’t forget to let us know all about your adventures in the world of food pairing. Post your pictures on Facebook or Instagram and tag us. And don’t forget to make it all pretty and Instagramable, we will share 😉

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